CL-CH Volunteers

PageSubHeading: One of the many ways you can be involved with Community Living.

Volunteers are at the heart of any organization; they can make a difference. Volunteers are always welcome and can help in many different ways. Your support of the Agency’s policies, purposes and vision will provide you the opportunity to become a member, sit on one of the committees, volunteer with a special event, share a special hobby or assist with one of our fundraisers.

If you are unable to volunteer, making a donation is another way to help Community Living-Central Huron move forward with its mission of creating inclusive communities. We accept monetary donations, as well as goods and services for some of our fundraisers.

Another way to be involved with Community Living-Central Huron is to become a member. The Membership Application is available for you to complete and bring to our Central Administration Office. The $5.00 membership fee entitles you to receive a copy of Insight, the Agency’s quarterly newsletter, information on upcoming events and activities and be eligible to vote at the Annual General Meeting. Should you wish to have more information, please contact us at (519) 524-7362 or e-mail us at

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